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Case Study – Solicitor In London

The Client

An established solicitor firm based in London.

The Commercial Need

Although the London based Solicitors firm was well established and successful in terms of their offline marketing, their online marketing presence was minimal and as such they were not able to compete successfully against other leading solicitors in London. Their website, although attractive to look at, wasn’t set-up with keywords in mind, or to be searched properly by Google – there were lots of navigational errors within the site, as well as broken links and other problems.

Our client therefore needed a way to establish an online presence in order to be able to bring in more leads and ultimately more business through Google searches.

So how did The Bright Click help?

Our first step was to take a good look at the backend of the website and make sure that it was perfectly set up to be searched by Google. We ran through a checklist which included site titles, descriptions, navigation and around 50 other factors that needed to be taken into account.

We then asked our client to produce a list of keywords that they would like to be ranked for – essentially what someone would ideally need to type into Google to find the services that our client provides.

Once we had this list, we made sure that these keywords were prominent throughout the site, both on the static pages but also – importantly – in the dynamic blog content.

A blog works well in two main ways. Firstly, it gives Google another keyword-rich page to ‘crawl’ and therefore gives you more ways of being found by the search engine.

Secondly it builds authority – it gives you good content for people browsing your site to find and to know that you know what you’re talking about on your given subject. When combined with Social Media platforms, it then gives you a chance to share this content with potential clients across a range of Social Networks.

Crucially, Google recognises ‘Social Signals’ as part of the process of making sure that your site is relevant in terms of the services you are providing. If you have a large organic following and your followers regularly reply and comment on your posts, Google sees this as a sign of authority and helps to rank your website accordingly for related keywords.

Google has its own Social Network called ‘Google+’; we created a brand new Google+ page as well as a fully-optimised Google Places page for the business and linked the two together. This was a simple but effective way of telling Google about our client’s business and the services that they offer. We then posted fresh content daily onto the Google+ page to demonstrate to Google that our client’s website was dynamic and relevant.

We then carried out a similar process on Facebook – creating a professional Facebook ‘Business’ Page with banners and images in line with our clients’ branding. Our clients had previously set-up a Facebook ‘friend’ page by mistake, so we worked with Facebook to correct this and get everything looking as it should. We also created a ‘Vanity URL’ to be used on stationary and email signatures.

We also opened a Twitter account and embedded a Twitter feed into our clients’ website.

We then began to build an audience on Twitter by adding followers who were local to the solicitor firm, or interested in law. We found effective ways to engage with the followers, and the number of followers began to grow steadily.

Each day we published a new blog, on a law related story to generate conversation and encourage followers to let us know their thoughts. We also published occasional keyword-rich blogs relating to the business itself, whilst being careful not to oversell the business across the networks – a mistake that we often see. The blog was made accessible across the three social networks, and also published across a range of Social Bookmarking Services – spreading the content far and wide.

As a final part of the set-up process, we set about establishing valuable backlinks to the clients’ website, using Google-friendly manual techniques. This has to be done slowly over a period of time so as not to accidentally alert Google into thinking that SEO is being manipulated on the website. We link these backlinks to the relevant content on the website which essentially tells Google that other relevant sites are linking to the content and therefore building authority and relevance across the internet.

Over a period of six months the client started to rank for a series of relevant keywords and business started to come in through the website on a daily basis. The client also established themselves as the ‘go-to’ business on legal matters in their local area, building a solid reputation both online and offline in the process.

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